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Design Research

Our practice is fueled by our design research which is carried out in various ways: studios or seminars we teach at various institutions, fellowships, design competitions, et cetera.

Hypothetical Assemblies

The projects focus on a rigorous modeling of industrial, mechanical, and architectural precedent objects which are then reassembled into new spatial proposals.

Summer 2023
Digital Methods Workshop
Weitzman School of Design

Collage and Projection

Students photograph a precedent building and use these photos to generate collages which produce new implied spaces. These collages are then reprojected into 3D space through a variety of techniques. The projects explore the tension between materiality and form and the representation of both.

Spring 2023
Visual Literacy Seminar
Weitzman School of Design

Screen and Frame

The project is the design of a building facade system with a focus on assembly and materiality. Students are challenged to use emerging design methodologies to interrogate building systems through the lens of novel techniques, aesthetics, and part to whole relationships.

Fall 2022
Design Innovation Seminar Weitzman School of Design

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