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Columbia Cemetery

Project Location: Boulder, Colorado
Project Status: Completed (2011)
Project Type: Cultural
Project Size: 350SF
Project Team: Caleb White, Scott Abernethy, Ian Carr, Nile Greenberg, Erin Masket, Andrew Mayer, Alex Mulhern, Taylor Odell, Preston Penny, Abe Rifkin, Jessica Vanwey, Derek Woods, Marcel de Lange, Mike Blea.

This small storage facility was designed to house historic tombstones which were unearthed over the years within this historic burial ground, Columbia Cemetery. With nowhere in the cemetery for these stones to be stored, they were held off site. This building allowed the stones to be brought back to the site and to be permanently on display for preservationists and the general public to visit. In addition to housing the stones, the project was imagined as a destination from which to explore the historic and beautiful site. The space between the stone storage area and the tool storage area was left open as a covered space to provide cover as visitors view the listing of all the stones that are present and also as a spot for tour groups to congregate. This project was designed and built with a team of University of Colorado Architecture students. The project was given a preservation award in 2013 by the Boulder Historic Society for "Innovation in its sensitivity to a historic context". The project was also featured in the Summer 2013 issue of Modern in Denver Magazine.

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