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"Sanctuary" Pavilion

Project Location: New York City, New York
Project Status: Design Development / Fundraising
Project Type: Cultural
Project Size: 2800SF
Project Team: Caleb White, Emily Gruendel

The "Sanctuary" was the brain child of Brooklyn based visual artist Anne Bartoc. She imagined an architectural sculpture to pay tribute to the frontline workers that served the city of New York throughout the Covid 19 pandemic. The form is inspired by a sea shell, an image of comfort to Anne. The golden ration profile of the shell is the geometric origin of the pavilion. Two of these curves nest into one another two produce the plan organization of the pavilion. The walls are shaped in section and taper as they move towards the sky, the lean toward one another to enclose the user as they walk through the pavilion and to provide a tension as the user progresses towards the center. As the user arrives in the center of the pavilion there is a conic void framing the sky and allowing a beam of light into the heart of the space. After the procession to this point, the culmination in this well lit sculptural space is impactful.

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